High School Profile

Pinckneyville Community High School District #101 is located in Pinckneyville, IL, a small Southern Illinois community. PCHS serves the educational needs of students from the communities of Pinckneyville and Tamaroa along with the rural areas surrounding these communities. PCHS enrolls approximately 425 students in the 9 through 12 grades.

Academic Program

The academic program at PCHS is a traditional 8 period day. Semester and yearlong class choices are available. Students are able to earn 4 credits per semester. We do not currently offer AP courses, although students do have the option of dual enrollment with the area Community College, Rend Lake College, their Junior and Senior years.

Grading System

PCHS utilizes a four-point division system of grades for the majority of the courses with distinction for + and -. Implemented during the 2016-2017 school year, the Dual Credit English and Math courses (English 1101, English 1102, College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus) are weighted using a five-point scale. The grade numerical value follows:

Grading Scale Grade GPA Weighted GPA
A     100-93 A     4.00 A    5.00
A-    92-90 A-    3.66 A-   4.66
B+   89-87 B+   3.33 B+  4.33
B      86-83 B     3.00 B    4.00
B-    82-80 B-   2.66 B-   3.66
C+   79-77 C+   2.33 C+   3.33
C     76-73 C     2.00 C     3.00
C-    72-70 C-   1.66 C-   2.66
D+  69-67 D+  1.33 D+   2.33
D     66-63 D    1.00 D    2.00
D-   62-60 D-  0.66 D-   1.66
F    59-0 F    0.00 F    0.00

Student Classification

Freshman…………Fewer than 8 credits
Sophomore……….8 to 15 credits
Junior………………15 to 23 credits
Senior………………23 or more credits

Graduation Requirements Twenty-Eight (28) credits are required for graduation from PCHS. The following course credits are required.

Four (4) credits in English/Reading
Three (3) credits in each of the following areas: Math, Social Studies, and Science
Satisfy the Consumer Education requirement
One (1) credit in Fine Arts
One (1) credit in Career Technical Education
Four (4) Physical Education/Health, Drivers Education

Contact Information:                                                                       
600 East Water Street
Pinckneyville, IL 62274
Phone: 618-357-5013
Fax: 618-357-6045