Dress Code

GROOMING AND WEARING APPAREL (Clothing, Hats, Sunglasses, etc.)

Appropriate attire is an expectation in all career fields. Learning to meet these expectations is an important part of the educational process.   

The District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the dress code, approved by the Board of Education. It should be observed on all school sponsored trips as well as during school hours on the campus.

 Any form of wearing apparel and any type of personal grooming which, in the professional opinion of a teacher or administrator, creates a danger, ill-health or a distraction from the learning environment is prohibited.  If in the professional opinion of teachers or administrators, the student arrives at school dressed in a manner which has the potential to disrupt or distract from the educational process, the student will be offered the opportunity to change clothes to those in compliance with this policy or sent home to correct the problem.  Any time away from school under this policy will be considered an unexcused absence.

 Items of clothing that would be deemed inappropriate include, but are not limited to those that:

  1. ★    display profanity
  2. ★    contain inappropriate connotations or suggestions
  3. ★    do not adequately cover the shoulders, back, midriff, or upper legs
  4. ★    make sexual references
  5. ★    contain drug, alcohol, or tobacco advertisements/pictures
  6. ★    contain questionable sayings especially those trying to convey a double meaning.

 Additional information regarding clothing:

  1. ★    Students must be properly clothed from shoulder to mid-thigh.
  2. ★    Student’s fingertips should be able to touch the bottom of the shorts and/or skirts while arms are extended straight down on sides. Sofee Shorts and Leggings (stretch or yoga) as pants are not appropriate for school and will be in violation of the dress code.
  3. ★    Shirts must properly cover back and chest.
  4. ★    Sleepwear, including house shoes or slippers. 
  5. ★    Students must wear their pants at their appropriate waist height.  Pants should be worn at the top of the hips and above.  Pants should have no holes above the knees.
  6. ★    Backpacks, knapsacks, purses, and any bags are to be left in student’s lockers.
  7. ★    No tank tops of any type are allowed. (Boys or Girls) ALL shirts must have sleeves.
  8. ★    Caps, hats, or any type of head covering are to be removed upon entering the school and kept in student lockers during the day.
  9. ★    Students are not to wear sunglasses over the eyes or on the top of the head while inside the main building or Thomas Gymnasium building. 
  10. ★    Students are not to possess chains of any length or size.
  11. ★    Students representing PCHS during extra-curricular or field trips are expected to be properly groomed. 
  12. ★    Students will face disciplinary measures for improper dress. 

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